Pantsoc - The University of York Pantomime Society

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Pantsoc was officially formed in 2003 by the Queen of Pantsoc, Rosie Egginton. With the aim of bringing the first ever student Pantomime to the campus of York University, it eventually became reality in 2004 with the production of “Sleeping Beauty”. All this was done with virtually no money – lots of begging, stealing and looting took place to ensure we had enough cash to put it on, but it was done!

It was a rip-roaring success – we actually made a profit which ensured that “Beauty and the Breasts” was to be performed later the same year.This was performed in the first term of the year as opposed to January, which proved a difficult task. However, the mission was completed and PantSoc proved they were no one-hit wonders with another great show.

In 2006 it was time for our first entirely home-grown Pantomime, "Cinderella". This was arguably the finest production we have staged reaping the benefits of more financial security that allowed us to build a 'proper' set and donating a proportion of the profits to RAG.

2007 will see another 'in-house' production with "Robbin' Hood" set to take campus by storm on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of week 3 in the spring term. We'll look forward to seeing you there!

Why not join us in our quest for tomfoolery and comic genius (and excessive amounts of alcohol on the way) and email the society? you don't have to have experience or anything, and if acting's not your thing we have other things you can do such as Backstage, Lighting, Choreography, Costumes, Set-design, Sound! Whatever your interest you can join in!

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