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January 2006.

This year saw a world first. A pantomime written by a York student, (we'd previously stolen them from our friends at Bristol Pantosoc). This year there was no evil witch to wage terror on the poor inhabitants of Pantoland. Instead we had to make do with the wicked stepmother, Ms Frightening. Packing her husband, Baron Borinsodd, off to Baghdad following a shotgun wedding, she turned the family estate into her very own Sexual Emporium. Forcing her stepdaughter, Cinderella, to work there under the tormenting gaze of her ugly sisters, Chardonnay and Grettle. Luckily for Cinders, her fairy godmother, a Miss Billa Slack, had just regained her fairygodmothering licence. Some remarkable footwear, the re-appearance of Beetleman and a giant, orange, phallic shaped carriage later and Cinders had gone to the ball.
In the middle of all this was the Prince, the King stuck to a chair, a Queen with a headache and a homosexual personal aide organising the campest birthday party Central Hall has ever seen; complete with something I had almost blocked from my mind - a troupe of male strippers.
There's a fine line between genius and madness. This trod that line. We had such fun and the audiences loved it.

The Cast

Cinderella - Rosie Johnson

Prince Charming - David Crosby

Billa Slack - Mari Lewis

Ms Frightening - Rebekah Brazier

Baron Borinsodd - Matthew Lacey

The King of Pantoland - William Seaward

The Queen of Pantoland - Cat Armitage

Chardonnay - Steven Henneberry

Grettle - Benjamin Welby

Dandini - Craig Hearn

Buttons - Fran Harvey

Miss Lovely - Karen Ruane

Andy - Ryan Bennett

Rumplestiltskin - Alex Chua

Ensemble - Tim Pearson, Marc Vestey, Carina Law, Hannah Bellenger, Sarah Wallbank, Jon Wills, Peter Hards

Written and Directed by Paul Young
Produced by Jess James and Richard Hubbert
Tech Director and Lighting Designer - Andy Stanley
Choreographer - Laura Wilson
Props -
Costumes - Jo Bailey