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January 2004.

Put together in quick fast time, Sleeping Beauty was our first ever Panto! Central Hall was the venue for York’s inaugral student Pantomime and it was a hoot! The King and Queen get over their difficulties in the bedroom to procure a daughter – “Belladonna”, meaning “beautiful kebab”. However, the King’s evil Aunt the Wicked Witch of the East End put a curse on Belladonna – when she felt a little prick on her 18th Birthday she would die! Thanks to help from the High Druid the spell was changed so she only fell asleep. 18 years later the inevitable happened and the Witch took over the Kingdom and turned it into a land of villainous lechery. Eventually, two nobles, Prince Smarming and Sir Prize awoke Sleeping Beauty and helped her and her family defeat the evil Witch to reclaim the Kingdom. Hooray!


Narrator: Rachel Gudgeon

Princess Belladonna: Rosie Egginton

King: Paul Young

Queen: Catherine Armitage

Wicked Witch: Emily Chester

Prince Smarming: Nik Morris

Sir Prize: Benjamin Welby

Bodge: Steve Henneberry

China: Vicki Cox

Dame Edith: Richard Hubbert

Bishop: Rosie Eagleton

High Druid: Mari Lewis

Jeremy $ Death: Neil Turner

Dobbin: Ben Poole $ Danni Haughan

Ensemble: Tom Willetts, Alex Chua, Vic Ledgar, Madeleine Beveridge, Matt Tarr, Alex Shawcross

Written by: Rob Egginton
Director & Producer: Rosie Egginton
Co - Director: Jess James
Stage Manager: Steffi Dellner
Assistant Producer: Emma Lacy
Tech Director: Richard Abblitt
Lighting Designer: Andrew Stanley
Props: Lucy Wright
Choreographer: Laura Wilson