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November 2004.

The evil Witch returned to take over Pantoland yet again in this second Pantsoc instalment. Frustrated by her role as a cleaner the Witch turns the Prince into a sheep. Meanwhile, Baron Totipotent and his beautiful Yorkshire daughter Beth stumble across Madame Hussein’s brothel to discover all kinds of scantily clad, horny, hungry and downright bizarre patrons of the place. The Baron is chased by a gigolo and gets lost, then falls into the clutches of the Witch. All seems lost but Beth saves her Dad and falls in love with the Prince whilst he is still a sheep. Professor Plumpkin tries his best to defeat the Witch once and for all….with jam! In the end, he falls in love with her when he gives her his love jam he was saving for Carol Vorderman! Featured some great songs such as “Hey Big Pervert”, “Everyone I do I do them for you” and “Beetleman”.


Narrator: Benjamin Welby

Beth: Carla Dobson

Baron Totipotent: Paul Young

Witch: Emily Chester

Professor Plumpkin: Thomas Scott

Dweezil: Ben Poole

Beetleman: Tim Pearson

Sir Finn U Essay: Nik Morris

Prince Fabian: Will Bowry

Madame Hussein: Steve Henneberry

Rapunzel: Jess James

High Druid: Tom Willetts

Woody: Fran Harvey

Jean Claude: Craig Hearn

Rumplestiltskin: Alex Chua

Whores: Emma Miles, Sarah Lloyd, Laura Karen

Ensemble Peter Hards, Dave Crosby, Katie Jacobs, Maddie Fine, Adam Stevenson, Jess Meats, Louise Cummings, Richard Hubbert

Written by: Rob Egginton and Bristol Pantosoc
Director: Paul Young
Producers: Richard Hubbert & Chloe Chapman
Tech Director: Andrew Stanley
Tech Assistant: James Hirst
Costumes: Jo Bailey
Props: Lucy Wright