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January 2007.

A tale of class conflicts, student oppression, golden dresses, beastiality, a suicidal Cupid, tracksuits, horse pixies, a wandering member of Parliament, classic Toffs tunes, and, of course, men in dresses.

The mostly coherent plot takes in Tang Hall Woods, Heslingtonshire Campus, a dungeon, The Charles, some more woods and a boudoir.

Coming soon to DVD...

Robin Hood - Rebecca Chalk

Will Scarlet - Catrin Jones

Maid Marian - Amy-Claire Scott

Princess Isabel - Rebekah Brazier

Robin's Nan - Rachel Neithercut

Sheriff of Heslingtonshire - Matthew Lacey

Giselle of Gisbourne - Marc Vestey

Friar Tuck - James Copeland

Little John - Fran Harvey

Cupid - David Crosby

Prince John - Craig Hearn

Fritz & Herman - Jon Wills & James Ryan

Fleur - Ryan Bennett

Teleshopping Duo - Carina Law & Hannah Bellenger

Marian's Maids - Kathryn Lord, Jenny Calder, Angela Udemba, Sam Daunt, Becca Atkey, Rachel Foxwell

Robbing Hoods - Kathleen Tabner, Edward Woody Williams, Simon Maeder, Karen Ruane, Andy Birnie

Students - Hannah Naylor, Teri Forey, Matt Hawkins

Guards - Laura Murphy, Bryony George, Laura Moran, Stuart